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Inspired by The Superpower List (, a website dedicated to creating and discussing numerous superhuman powers, abilities and qualities/traits, created by Justin Mahar in 2008.

However, this group is not just dedicated to that site. It is dedicated to superhumans and superhuman abilities/powers, period.

Superhumans and superheroes of all kinds; whether they are famous, well known and highly popular, or total OCs, made up by rising stars and non-famous folks.

And media of all kinds; drawing/sketch, paint, oil, pastel, digital/photoshop/photomanipulation, stamps, stories, poems, critiques/rants, emotes and the like.

Of any shape, size, color, quality, as long as the picture displays super-people or superpowers, it is welcome here!

However, these are NOT allowed:


*Anything pertaining to extreme sexual/mature/adult content, exposed genitalia, fetish and similar material

-Content that cannot be outright explained as being a superhuman power/ability/hero/heroine

*For example, Beast from X-Men is considered a furry to some extent, but he is also a superhuman/superhero/mutant (he comes from the HUMAN race, but has an INHUMAN appearance)


*Werecreatures (werewolf, werefox, werecat, wereboar, werebear, etc), are welcome, but not just plain furries, aliens or monsters; if their entire RACE is furry/anthro/monstrous/alien, they are not allowed, unless they outright have someother notable superhuman ability/power/quality (ex: ET, Dr. Spock and Superman would be allowed, but Sully from 'Monsters, Inc.' would not)


*Abstract works will not be accepted, and construed somehow into superpowers or superheroes. This means no putting a blob on a page and saying it's Blob from 'X-Men', or making a fractal work, and calling it Telekinesis or Telepathy. Rarely will such a work be accepted, and it must be justified somehow.

Otherwise, enjoy yourselves, look around! You'll see things from various famous titles and franchises (Dragonball Z, Sonic, Sailor Moon, Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, etc), as well as various independent/original character designs. Various media, various styles, but all dedicated to one cause.

The awesomeness of superhumans and their special gifts in fiction!
Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 8, 2011


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238 Members
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Supergirl Graphic Nude Kryptonian Stripshow by jvcustoms
Charley Goode - ARROW/DC OC by punkette180
Marianne Myrrh - FLASH/DC OC by punkette180
Luanna Mercer - X-MEN OC by punkette180
American Comics
108-bunker by arepa999
Scarlet Witch {Pencil Pandemonium} by SoundfxArtist
Lightning Strikes by SoundfxArtist
X3 V. F3 by SoundfxArtist
Anime and Manga
Mega Evolution Mewtwo by SoundfxArtist
Mega Evolution Charizard X by SoundfxArtist
Merry Xmas Rei-chan by mathilda2210
Haruka and Michiru, special Noel by Kymoon
Cosplay, Toys, Apparel, Accessories, Tattoos
DC Modern Supergirl Custom Doll Sexy Slideshow by jvcustoms
Batgirl Reimagined V2 Custom Figure JVCustoms by jvcustoms
Batgirl Reimagined V2 Custom Figure JVCustoms by jvcustoms
The Incredibles by Darklight-phoenix
Cynder vs Riku by Nightrizer
Come with Mama by JoniGodoy
IllustriousBits Week 10 - Cammy by JomanMercado
Psychonauts dump and ramona by SIIINS
Independent and International Literature
Nagraj The King by M-Blitz
Nagraj and Doga by M-Blitz
Nagraj Markers by M-Blitz
Nagraj by M-Blitz
Newest Grim Tales Wall by ams719
A Grim Halloween by ams719
Grim Tales by Valen-chan
Grim Jr Sculpture - fanart by apple-pai
Literature, Written Fiction, Prose and Other Text
Misc- Nameless, sketches, digital art, etc
Pikachu Stippling by JesseAllshouse
Bug-pathy by Vespert
Animal Control by Vespert
Cannon Arm by Vespert
OC and C- Original Characters and Crossovers
Psat2015 - Spellweaver by SoundfxArtist
Atmos by SoundfxArtist
Thanks for 1,000 by SoundfxArtist
Morrigan practice by SoundfxArtist
Photography Photomanipulation Photoshop etc
Marvel's Avengers Age Of Ultron Theatrical Poster by J-K-K-S
Supergirl blows by Superbreath
Supergirl hurricane by Superbreath
Miss Universe Australia let escape a hurricane by Superbreath
TV and Movies
A Study of Light by JacqueMatt
His Fan Girls by Madness-Made-Fresh
Classic Cheetara Digital Ink by JesseAllshouse
Cheetara Digital Ink by JesseAllshouse

Latest Favourite Artists


heroes v villains compilation2 by JayMaverick
Supergirl Head2 by JayMaverick
Playing Card Zatanna Zatara by JayMaverick
Playing Card poison ivy by JayMaverick


Tell every nerd you know to help pitch in!…
The news just came today. Numerous shows have been renewed (ie Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, DC's Arrow, The Flash and Gotham). And a few shows have been given the go-ahead for a new start (ie Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow). Though, some have also been cancelled, and sad though the news may be, NBC's Constantine has been named among them.

Read the rest of this article here:…
Celebrating 35 Years Of Superman II: The Adventure Continues . .

It’s been called one of the greatest superhero movie sequels of all time & continues to be the standard for which all other summer sequels still seem to be measured by. Alexander Salkind’s Superman II has everything you could want in a fun follow-up to director Richard Donner’s magnificent original film, 1978’s Superman I: The Movie. Audiences of all ages were finally treated with the . . . .

Read more:…

By now, if you're reading this article, you've probably heard that Sony and Marvel Studios have recently reached an agreement, so that Marvel now has cinematic rights to the Spider-Man property. Of course, the news set diehard Spider-fans into an uproar of geeky/nerdy glee, and we all rejoiced as one that Spider-Man was finally coming back home to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Once the dust settled, however, many questions remained unanswered, and as is our tendency, the nerds began drawing battle lines yet again. How much creative control does Sony have over Spider-Man in his upcoming movies? What happens to the planned Sinister Six and Venom/Carnage movies? Though, perhaps one of the most divisive questions of all has been: Which Spider-Man?

Finish reading the rest here:…
So, by now, about every Avatar lover in the entirety of Avatar fandom has probably heard that The Legend of Korra, Book 3: Change, is on its way to be aired this coming Friday, June 27th, 2014. And prior to the fast-approaching release date, four episodes (episodes #3-6) were leaked in Spanish, and for some with the right connects, they were accompanied with helpful subtitles.

I will admit, I have actually watched these leaks (please don't arrest me, government!), as well as the released Book 3 trailers, and they presage some truly amazing events to come. New characters, new looks at old friends, new places, new discoveries, new secrets, and some great nods back to ATLA. Though, surely, fans other than me have wondered...what comes after this?

No, I'm not referring to Book 4. Or, perhaps I am, but I'm also (more importantly) wondering what might come after The Legend of Korra. The creators of ATLA and LOK, from what I've read, have said they have no intention of creating another Avatar series. And that's unfortunate, for those of us who love the work they've done so far, but let's take a moment to consider the possibilities, just in case.…
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Thor: The Dark World International Character Poster!


If any of you huge "Thor" fans have been dying to have "Mr. Chris Hemsworth" all to yourself, the latest "Thor: The Dark World" character poster recently released from Marvel Studio's answers your prayers. The mighty, Norse god of thunder, stands alone in this latest look at the "Marvel Phase Two" adventure, which will debut in theaters in time for the Thanksgiving holiday season . . .


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Simon Pegg Discusses Ant-Man!


Recently, "Simon Pegg", "The World’s End" star photographed himself visiting Marvel Studios this past week, and happened to pass a mural featuring Ant-Man. Since his friend is directing the movie (The World’s End director Edgar Wright), he decided to point at the character, and within minutes, sites claimed that the British actor might be playing the part . . . Simon Pegg has stepped forward to clarify this Internet mishap. He confirms that he is "NOT" playing Ant-Man, and that we should all grow up. So about that infamous finger pointing, this is what Simon Pegg had to say . . .


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